Tailored digital qualification questionnaires increase new seller instructions by over 20%

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Homehere's new digital qualification questionnaires  are reeling in more responses than ever from agent’s portal and website enquiries. They are also proving highly effective at unearthing new seller instructions.

The branded digital surveys are sent instantly, by SMS, to all portal and website enquirers, arriving within 1 minute of their enquiry. With instant follow-up, homehere is now achieving 70-80% instant engagement and upwards of 20% increase in new valuation instructions. The Return on Investment for any estate agent is compelling.

Uncover new instructions effortlessly

Upwards of 60% of your incoming buyer leads have a property to sell but haven’t instructed an agent before they start sending buying leads. Our new questionnaires always ask the right questions at the right time, flagging the hottest potential valuation opportunities and engaging them instantly, capturing all the relevant information you need to take the lead.

Our current clients are seeing over 20% uptick in new seller leads from their portal and website leads with no additional effort.

Complete flexibility

When it comes to capturing portal and website leads and qualifying leads, it’s not one size fits all. Every estate agency should have access to the best technology to gather the information that works for them.  Our highly interactive questionnaires, with support for logic jumps is a huge advantage, offering a single form for each of sales, lettings and valuations surveys, that can cater to a wide range of respondents. On top of that, the ability to customise almost every aspect of your questions and access it all in our portal makes it a perfect fit for any agent’s existing workflow.


By providing estate agents with a 24/7, 365-day-a-year lead engagement, qualification and communication platform, we are solving huge pain points that both agents and buyers are feeling. Agents have an expectation that their technology partners prove an ROI, we beat those expectations consistently.

Start converting more leads into customers today

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