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To allow homehere to respond to your incoming portal enquiries instantly and automatically, you simply need to auto-forward all incoming Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket emails leads to the homehere secure email database. The homehere technology then analyses the information in those emails, identify contacts, property, comments and of course duplicates. Homehere then instantly sends an automatic welcome response by SMS and email to the contact which includes a link to a tailored digital qualification survey and begins the on-boarding and conversion process.

To enable all this magic to happen, homehere requires a copy of your incoming portal email leads as soon as they arrive. Your portal emails continue to arrive as normal while homehere also also get a copy so it can do what needs to be done with the information.

Email Forwarding rules
When setting up forwarding rules, we only require you to forward emails with the following senders:




Forwarding Email address: You should provide whoever manages your email server with your forwarding email address - this can be found in your welcome email - it looks something like this

If you manage your own email servers, then visit the relevant link below for guidance on how to set up automatic forwarding.

When forwarding from Google, you will be asked for a Gmail Forwarding Confirmation code for each Gmail inbox you are forwarding. Homehere will automatically capture this information and send it to the requesting Gmail inbox. This can takes up to 3 minutes.

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