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Negotiators are always in search of new leads and estate agents make ever-increasing investments in portals, local and digital media and other activities to generate them. However, more than generating ever more new leads, managing your lead flow effectively is critical to achieving increased growth.

With effective lead management technology managing your sales process, you can track leads, contact and qualify leads effortlessly and route qualified leads to the right staff. This means the sales team get instant access to the hottest prospects and ensures leads are never dropped or lost.

Common issues for estate agents

The following situations are common in many high street agents:

  1. A huge majority of Lead follow-ups are unsuccessful, often as high as 70% of all email leads received
  2. A lot of time is wasted chasing up bad leads. There is no qualification and scoring process to ensure quality and timeliness of follow-up
  3. The majority of web-based leads arrive outside of office hours so cannot be effectively followed-up for at least a day, sometimes more
  4. Duplication of leads from the various portals wastes staff time, resources and money
  5. Leads are wasted if they are not processed by the right person at the right time
  6. There is little real digital visibility into the Sales process.
  7. Agents don't know how many leads, number qualified, conversion rates or cost per lead
  8. Agents have little real understanding of the impact of leads and lead conversions to the bottom line

The benefits of having lead management technology

By investing in the right lead management solution, you can expect the following benefits overnight

  1. Dramatically improve responsiveness to enquiries with automated responses and pre-qualification surveys
  2. Lead ranking, based on automated digital qualification, reduces time wasted chasing up bad leads dramatically
  3. Incoming leads are tracked, contacted and qualified 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  4. Lead duplication is identified digitally
  5. Leads are automatically routed to the right sales staff, saving time and reducing overhead
  6. Full visibility of every lead - from receipt to closure with no loss or leakage
  7. Key performance metrics are available to optimise internal resource and improve marketing spend
  8. Your bottom line improves overnight

Automating lead management and engagement streamlines information collection and guarantee that important information is collected on good enquiries as the information gathering is part of an automatic and predefined digital process. Whether you are a single branch agency or a regional or national chain, the return on investment in digital lead qualification is clear and well-documented. Every high street agent should be aware of the huge benefits to their business from deploying this technology.


By providing estate agents with a 24/7, 365-day-a-year lead engagement, qualification and communication platform, we are solving huge pain points that both agents and buyers are feeling. Agents have an expectation that their technology partners prove an ROI, we beat those expectations consistently.

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