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We’re thrilled to announce our Calendly Integration with homehere to help estate agents when it comes to a simple, but often time-consuming task; scheduling viewings and valuation appointment. With this seamless integration, you can now share your branch calendar so that leads and can self-schedule, eliminating back and forth communications due to constantly changing calendars.

This follows on from our hugely popular Zoom integration where we unleashed the power of Zoom to estate agents across the UK.

Make the most of your time

By saving time with automated scheduling directly, you save precious time back that you would’ve spent trying to sync calendars manually via emails or phone discussions. That time back can be redirected to more valuable tasks. After configuring Calendly to homehere, your incoming leads can book viewing or valuation appointments directly into your Calendly which can also be seamlessly synchronised with your existing Outlook or Google Gmail calendars seamlessly and effortlessly.

Accelerate the conversion process

Everyone is busy, it’s the nature of our over-scheduled lives. This Integration allows agents to coordinate early stage viewings faster than before, moving them through the sales or lettings process efficiently.



If you need to schedule appointments without the back and forth, Calendly is your solution. If you are a person who emails or texts back and forth trying to get things scheduled, this integration solves the problem.

Use this integration if you:

  • Want to provide an automated booking capability to qualified leads
  • Want to prepare leads an upcoming event by sending automated notifications
  • Need a state-of-the-art booking solution that connects with internal calendars
  • Share calendar availability without exposing private events
  • Keep your team up-to-date with viewing and valuation appointments


Supported calendars

homehere, via Calendly, integrates with all market-leading calendars including:

Configuring your calendly integration

Configuring your calendly services with homehere and your internal calendars is a snip. Drop our support team a line and we’ll have you up and running in minutes.


By providing estate agents with a 24/7, 365-day-a-year lead engagement, qualification and communication platform, we are solving huge pain points that both agents and buyers are feeling. Agents have an expectation that their technology partners prove an ROI, we beat those expectations consistently.

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