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We are all increasingly rejecting incoming calls. The traditional tools your sales team relies on typically include cold calling and emailing. But most phone calls today go to voicemail and responses to email are a fraction of what your sales team require to run your business.

Think about how we contact friends and loved ones. It’s much more likely that we send a short informal SMS text message or a WhatsApp message when trying to make plans, particularly during working hours.  On that same basis, SMS can be an estate agent’s most powerful communication tool, allowing you to build that same level trust with your customers in the same informal way and on the channel they most prefer. 

To become a trusted part of a customer’s life, estate agents must rethink how their initial engagement with new leads Agents need to adopt tools that can match their customers' needs and preferences—including the use of text messaging to engage in business conversations.

It’s time to consider text messaging as a primary channel. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Text messages, on average, are read, in less than five seconds
  • 90% of your customers would prefer to receive messages over phone calls

With 64% of buyers claiming to have a positive perception about companies that converse via messaging, this is one tool that agents can’t afford to ignore. Those who have embraced the power of text messaging find that their sales conversations have increased by 40%.

SMS produces engagement rates 6 to 8 times higher than email and the entire message thread is always available so there's no need to start a new one. You can close off issues fast with a short series of messages - increasing efficiency and delivering a great customer service.

Instant delivery

Speed is the most powerful reason for estate agents use social messaging - the quicker you can engage a prospect, the more successful you will be. SMS is instant and it’s easy to tap an informal message to get things done. The messages are nearly 100% likely to be opened within a minute of being sent.

Simple and ubiquitous  

Every mobile phone can send and receive SMS messages, making it the ideal communication tool to deploy and simple for the user to engage with. No other channel nears its level of penetration.

Familiar and friendly

We’ve already defined the social norms of SMS messages with friends and family, making it much easier for estate agents to engage leads in a friendlier and less formal way.


SMS is part of our everyday lives. We send an SMS and return to whatever we were doing. Whenever the other party is available to respond, they will do  — and so on.

Reliable delivery

Unlike email which is battling against junk email, SMS is safe. Mobile phones don’t have a spam box, so you can be sure your message has arrived safely. Even if the mobile phone is switched off or out of the signal, SMS will ultimately be delivered

Time and resource efficient

The ease of sending a short, informal  SMS to knowing it will be read instantly, is one of the most compelling and productive aspects of the channel. Compare that  to trying to call a lead during the working day and leaving a voicemail that may never be heard, 


SMS is tracked using delivery reports. These reports enable you to know your SMS is reaching your leads and when they are delivered


Customers want to build relationships with businesses and SMS is the channel that dominates throughout the day. It’s where agents need to be visible and accessible. Those who have already discovered the benefits are using it to differentiate themselves from competitors and win more instructions.

The homehere communications centre

With a decentralised approach, typically on individual staff members’ own phones, customer queries get lost, call volumes go up, and the inability to assign any one staff member to handle a lead leaves everyone frustrated.

Homehere centralised communications centre provides a central online portal that provides access to every lead's information and SMS communication all in one place. 

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